Read the passage carefully and answer the corresponding questions: (Q. 12 and13)

Read the passage carefully and answer the corresponding questions: (Q. 12 and13)

Last week Caroline went on her first deep sea fishing trip off the coast of Catalina Island. She had always enjoyed fishing when she was a child but had never gone fishing in the ocean. Her dad liked to fish very often. Her big brother Jack was never the outdoor type, so her dad took her out often. One of his favourite spots was Lake Isabella, which was about two hours from their home. She recalls how she and her dad would spend a long, leisurely day driving to the lake, and then taking his small boat out on the water. It was quiet and peaceful for the most part. Those memories remain some of her most cherished moments of her life. Caroline has a friend called Robert On this day, Robert invited Caroline to join him on his company’s fishing trip. Robert said it wouldn’t cost much but would be a lot of fun. He knew Caroline enjoyed lake fishing and figured she would have a great time. “Okay”, said Caroline, and to the ocean they went.

The first thing Caroline noticed, however, was ! the motion. “Wow, this boat really rocks“, Caroline told Robert. “Don’t worry about it. You will get used to it”, he said. The trip to the waters off Catalina Island took about an hour. Caroline marvelled at how quickly she lost sight of the mainland. It was a bit scary when she thought about how alone they were in this great ocean. Soon, it was time to collect squid for bait. The small boat stopped in the water and the crew turned the bright light into the ocean to attract the squid. Before long, thousands of squid rose to the surface and were collected for bait. After about an hour, Caroline didn’t feel the rocking motion anymore. They were ready to fish. Caroline caught her first ocean trout. It was a beautiful day.

  1. Was Caroline’s brother an outdoor type?

(A) No

(B) Yes

(C) Not specified

(D) Can’t say

Answer – A

  1. Why were the squids collected?

(A) For selling

(B) For eating

(C) For cooking

(D) For baiting

Answer – D



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